situated along the Atlantic Seaboard

No matter where you travel in the world, be it California, Costa Rica or Constance, your choice of accommodation reflects your personality. In Cape Town, the home of all of our Sweetest Guesthouses, we are proud to have you stay in any of our luxurious, energizing and beautiful homes.

Each of our guesthouses is situated in Sea Point along the Atlantic Seaboard. The crisp smell of sea air and the warm, golden rays of the sun are there to rejuvenate your soul during your stay with us. The mix of tranquil energy that Cape Town offers is captivating and magical.

As our guest you will receive only the best in hospitality and luxury. Browse through each of our guesthouses by clicking the link below… We invite you to decide; which of our guesthouses will you call home?

A collection of 5 unique